“…bulging with ideas born of their wonderful imaginations, crafted through expert execution and musicianship and bristling with their delightful dreams to colour the modern day drudge. It is proof positive that dance music need not be generic or formulaic, it need not narrow down the possibilities but can open the mind and broaden the canvas. It is a live sounding album that brings to life the genres that they love but never sounds burdened by them as it surfs the gamut of electro pop, krautrock and afro-pop, enlivening each one’s spirit with a modernity and a bold personality. So fling open your doors, put on your dancing shoes and give into the tricky range of treats and challenges that they have readied for your eager ears.”



“I don’t think, at this precise moment, I can find enough superlatives about this album. It’s made me so happy listening to it over the last week or so. It feels like a real short of catchy, infectious energy. I do love my late 70s/early 80s synth pop – and this is such a lovely melding of that era with 21st century tech and know how. It’s got that glorious poppy feel, sweet, catchy vocals and instantly memorable synth hooks that become instantaneously embedded in your head….


“Buy buy buy and give these guys your support. This is a truly phenomenal debut and not to be missed.”



“A most enjoyable pop-lit excursion through the kosmiche, taking in the industrial North’s steely resonation from the electric 80s, whilst popping off to take-in the post-rock locations that spawned such interesting, off-kilter explorers as Tortoise, Holy Fuck and Battles, and flirting with Afrobeat vibes, Zoetrope wear their inspirations well.”



“The real strength of Zoetrope is the lightness of touch. So much electronics music these days is concerned with being dark, brooding and exuding both physical and sexual power. Cantaloupe offer no moping, naval gazing or strutting. Their concern is good, clean, old-fashioned fun. There is a post-punk hint of asceticism a play. This has resulted in an album that is resolutely life affirming. Zoetrope could well be the party album of 2015.”



“Even in quarter one of 2015, it’s clear that Zoetrope is going to be one of the albums of the year, so If you want some life-affirming, full throttle throbbing synth madness in your life too, you need to get on the Cantaloupe bus ASAP. Trust me, you’d be mad not to.”